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Migrating to Scroll

Migrating to Scroll

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September 3, 2022 โ€” After running this blog with Jekyll and github-pages for over two years, I ran into Scroll and fell in love with the newspaper-y style and minimalist setup.

Getting started

Scroll is a easy to install as

npm install -g scroll-cli


git clone cd scroll npm install -g .

and then running scroll init inside my blog directory. After that I removed all leftovers from Jekyll and converted my posts to .scroll files.


The structure changes a bit, with all files in a flat structure (aside from images, those can stay in a subfolder).

For the previous markdown in my posts I just added the markups.scroll to avoid too much rewriting.

There are a few features that go away with the switch, namely analytics and tagged pages. Though tagging seems to be replaceable with categories and I might have found a way to add the javascript to each page.

Running locally

For local rendering, it's now scroll watch instead of jekyll -s, though you can also run scroll build and open the .html files in your browser directly.

Github Pages

Before & Now

Comparing the previous design

to the current

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