Trying out Scroll

After running this blog with Jekyll and github-pages for over two years, I ran into Scroll and fell in love with the newspaper-y style and minimalist setup, so I wanted to try it out.

Getting started

Scroll is a easy to install as

npm install -g scroll-cli


git clone
cd scroll
npm install -g .

and then running scroll init inside the blog directory. After that I converted all posts to .scroll files and pushed them to a separate branch.


The structure changes a bit, with all files in a flat structure (aside from images, those can stay in a subfolder). For the previous markdown in my posts I just added the markups.scroll to avoid too much rewriting. There are a few features that would go away with the switch, namely analytics and tagged pages. Though tagging seems to be replaceable with categories and I might have found a way to add the javascript to each page.

Running locally

For local rendering, it’s now scroll watch instead of jekyll -s, though you can also run scroll build and open the .html files in your browser directly.

Github Pages


Comparing the Jekyll design Jekyll Design to Scroll Jekyll Design

It gives the site a different feel, but while I do really like the look of it I’m sticking with the Jekyll version for now, mostly for the Markdown and out of the box analytics support.